Online Blackjack - Offers Incredible Variety

Online blackjack is obviously a very popular game, and when you are able to find it in one of the casinos you are almost sure to find more variations of it than you can find in any land-based casino. There's a very simple reason for that: there is more room through the online platform. What this means for the player is the opportunity to experience some variety, whether it's by playing a variation of the game that allows you to see both of the dealer's cards (Double Exposure) or one that lets you switch the second card you are dealt for each of two hands (Blackjack Switch).

Of course, the variations don't end there. When you play at a casino that is powered by a software designer like Microgaming, you can play over two dozen different games. But whatever games you play, it is always going to make sense to be able to play better. This is done by making use of a "Basic Strategy" which details the proper move to make in each situation that involve a player versus a dealer. Regardless of the fact that blackjack games online operate through a random number generator (RNG) that shuffles the cards after each round, you can still do better by executing the Basic Strategy flawlessly than if you don't.

When you look for an online blackjack game, there are certain rule variations you may want to be on the lookout for that you would really like to have at your disposal. Among them are the ability to double down after splitting a hand up, because this could give you an opportunity to put added money into play when you may have an advantage. Also, "re-splitting" lets you split a hand more than once (some casinos will let you do this up to four times).

The act of doubling down itself might be limited in many places you play. What you'd like to be able to do is double on ANY two cards, rather than just against a dealer's upcard of 9, 10 or 11. What this generally means for you is that you will be able to do "soft doubling," or doubling down when you have a soft hand (i.e., a hand that contains an Ace). One of the rules that could also help you out is "surrender," which allows you to pull back half your bet when you have a disadvantageous situation with your hand, thus giving you a chance to save half your bet. And of course, since you are only playing a Basic Strategy game, you really don't have any reason to raise your bet, so the "flat-betting" is best, in proportion to your bankroll.

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